Eco-Friendly Cleaning Companies

Eco-friendly cleaning services or green cleaning is an emerging market in the cleaning industry that simply means cleaning with a less harmful impact on the environment and human health.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service Legality and Policies

Eco-friendly cleaning companies run their businesses the same as regular old-school cleaning companies.  They are insured (to prevent against injury or loss) and bonded (to prevent against theft).  They are legally registered in their operating state, and are incorporated as either sole proprietorship, limited liability company, or corporation.  There are no compromises a customer makes when choosing to use a greener cleaning service for their home or office.  Both types of companies are insured, bonded, registered, and legally protected.

Additionally, there are a couple of benefits to hiring a eco-friendly cleaning business.  A green cleaning service will most likely have to use W2 employees (as opposed to independent contractors) since there is so much direction and specification required when providing environmentally friendly services.  Cleaners must be told how to clean certain areas, what specific products to use, and how to use a green cleaning approach.  Because there is a lot of specific detail required, most green cleaning companies will have to use W2 employees so they can tell the employees how to do their jobs properly.

Reputable Uniforms of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Companies

Service professionals are required to wear uniforms when entering a customer’s property and providing services.  This is no different from a cleaning company.  Traditional cleaning companies and newer green cleaning companies both have to provide official uniforms with their company logo on them.

However, green cleaning companies typically have logos containing an element of nature/health on them.  For example, this is our company’s logo below:

As you can see our logo has several aspects of nature/health on them as follows:

  1. The word “GreenAir” has a literal meaning of “green” “air” and a figurative meaning of “clean and healthy air to breathe”.
  2. The icon contains both a green circle and a leaf on the bottom.  A circle is closely associated to things like the earth and  recycle/reuse/renew.  And the leaf is a direct image from trees, plants, and the environment.

When you look at the logo, it demonstrates the “green cleaning” principles in addition to the “commercial” aspects of the 3 buildings.

A logo is extremely important.  When our cleaners walk around an office, a building, or a store, the occupants of the building see our uniform and logo and understand that we’re not only the cleaning crew, but we’re also conscious of our products and the environment.  This has a positive impact on how they feel about the store or building they are in since it demonstrates the customer’s values.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company Culture

GreenAir Cleaning Systems does more than just provide less toxic cleaning products to customers.

We believe in reducing, reusing, preserving, conserving, recycling, and generally being mindful of all aspects of our operations.  Here are some ways that we accomplish that: (and our list keeps on growing!)

  • Paperless accounting of invoices, sales receipts, contracts, proposals, scopes of work
  • Reuse of paper recycling
  • Water conservation both in our office and in the field
  • Hand sanitizers located in our office and available to our staff on site
  • Color-coded operations
  • Re-usable tote bags for transport of supplies
  • Recycling and sorting decals for customers